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Green Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel


Use it regularly to make the skin supple and improve the skin texture


Helps cure sunburns and rashes of the skin. It reduces roughness and amount of peeling of the skin, and gives a cooling and soothing effect


Regenerates new tissues as it promotes healthy cell division. It relieves irritation in case of minor cuts, wounds and burns and moisturizes the skin without cutting off the oxygen (unlike oily ointments) which accelerates the healing process


In case of acne, not only reduces the inflammation, but also takes care that no damage is caused. It prevents scarring and blemishes by minimizing scar tissue formation. Being a gel, it does not clog the pores of the skin (unlike oily ointments)


acne, rash, minor skin eruptions, sunburn, minor cuts, wounds & skin allergies

Active ingredient: 

90% Aloe Vera

Pack size: 

50gms (pocket pack), 120gms & 500gms (jar)

Available At: 

Retail & Medical stores, Supermarkets, Beauty Stores in India.

Available @ :


Select Outlets of : Wellness Forever

- Religare

- Reliance Fresh

- Health & Glow

* Available in Select cities only.